Relationship builders.

We build relationships. Great homes are a byproduct.

Who we are

Clark | Campbell Homes is a custom home building and remodeling firm based in Houston Texas. We exist to serve Houston families by helping them to make the vision they have for their home become reality. Whether building new or remodeling your existing home on the street you love, we understand the impact that the built environment has on the people who occupy it.

The process of building or remodeling a home can be intimidating and emotional. It’s also one of the most rewarding things a family can do for their future. When selecting a builder to work with, one thing is more important than the type of homes they build, the areas where they work, their primary type of architecture or even their price. Trust. If you don’t trust your builder from the beginning, then the project can never be successful. We work first to build trust, then to build the home.

- Education-

Read our Blog!

A core part of our mission as builders is to educate. Our blog is filled with articles that go in depth on some of the most commonly asked questions and also our philosophy as builders. Whether or not you decide to build with us, we hope to provide value through this forum. Click below to see if we’ve answered your question in our blog.

Online access

Our simple online system makes it possible to access your project from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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